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Submission Specific Information
The Global Modern Slavery Directory is a collaborative effort to identify and map organizations working on human trafficking, modern slavery, and related issues around the world.  The goal is to create a resource that individuals and organizations can use to connect with a range of actors who are tackling human trafficking globally.  We aim to include non-governmental organizations (NGOs), multilateral institutions, government agencies, and law enforcement agencies, among others.  Thousands of organizations from over 180 countries have shared their information and agreed to be a part of the Directory.  If you would like your organization or agency added to the Directory, we invite you to take ten minutes to complete the following survey.

If your organization provides services within the United States, please fill out the application for the National Human Trafficking Referral Directory, do not fill out this form.
Service Provider

Note: If the official name of your organization is not in English, please include at least one English translation.

Please indicate the city, state, or region in your country where your organization works. For example: "Kingston, Jamaica" or "Northeastern United States" or "Throughout Madagascar." If your organization provides services throughout multiple countries, please skip to the next question.

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If entering more than one country, please separate them with a semicolon(;)

Choose one or more of the following
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What populations does your organization serve?
Please select all that apply.
Does your organization work with any of the following at-risk populations?
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Does your organization provide any of the following services?
Please select all that apply.
Emergency, transitional, or long-term housing
Counseling and/or emotional support
Emergency support and/or assistance with urgent needs such as victim recovery, locating shelter, speaking with law enforcement etc.
Ongoing support and needs assessment for victims; assistance acquiring services and benefits whether in-house, through partner agencies, or public services
Legal advice and consultation provided by an attorney or other accredited professional
Assistance to victims in returning to their country of origin
Educating the general public on the issue of human trafficking, i.e. campaigns, presentations, media publicity
Connecting with victims of trafficking, and other vulnerable populations, before they seek services, for the purpose of assistance, education, and prevention
Training and providing educational materials to the public, law enforcement, government officials, and others in the field
Provides information, advice, and safety planning to individuals who may be entering into situations in which they will be vulnerable to trafficking
Health care and/or medical assistance
Efforts to shape or implement legislation around combating trafficking and/or supporting victims of trafficking
Academic services and/or vocational training for victims
Conducting research on any topic related to human trafficking
Provide monetary grants to entities carrying out anti-trafficking projects.
Provide interpretation and/or translation services to clients who do not speak the national language.
Organization has opportunities for volunteers.
Opportunities for survivors of trafficking to engage with the organization.

Which types of victims of trafficking would your organizations be willing to serve?
Please select all that apply.

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Hotline Specifics

Is it free to call your hotline from within your country?

Ex: 08:00 - 17:00 (M-F)

Additional Information
For example: mission statement, further explanation of services, partner organizations, etc.
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Organization Contact Information
Please note: if you would like us to refrain from publishing any of the following information in the directory, you may indicate so in the final question.


Public Information

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Point of Contact Information
Please indicate a point of contact within your organization. This section is for internal use only, it will not be published in the directory. ‚ÄčIf you would not like to include a last name, please indicate "N/A" in the Last Name field.


Please feel free to share the application link,, with any other organizations that may want to join the GMSD.
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